Aurora: Queen of the North – Guide, Build, Strategy

Aurora is my recent favorite hero in Mobile Legends. This season, she made it possible for me to cheese my way up to Legend division in ranked games. Aurora is an AOE disabler, has good sustain harass, and can instantly delete squishy heroes; especially supports and marksman. I think she will be nerfed some time in the future.


Aurora, born in a windstorm and with a great power of controlling ice and snow, is the queen of the northernmost land – Nost Gal, the dominator of the Frozen Sea and the Guardian of the Land of Dawn. Although they are all on this northernmost land, Aurora never had any interest in the conflicts between Franco and Bane.

She was born powerful and extraordinary. As one of the four Guardians of the Land of Dawn, she undertakes all those responsibilities of protecting the world, protecting its border and ensuring its safety from the spacetime rifts and monsters.

During a horrible plane fight, Aurora lost one arm, along with her guardian knight. After this experience, the young queen became solemn and cold, silent and full of sorrow. When she riding on the wind travels, there’s only snow and ice keeping her company.


[Passive] Pride of Ice

Each time the skill is released, one unit of frost energy will be added to hero, when 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next skill damage will freeze the target. All skills can cause extra magic damage to the frozen target.

This is what makes Aurora a disabler, be it an AOE freeze or a targeted stun. After every fourth cast of a her skill, the next skill will freeze/stun the target. You will know it by the red indicator below Aurora’s HP/MP bar. If Frost Shock is cast with available passive, those hit by the skill shot will be stunned in AOE. For bitter Frost, it will be a single target stun. It is also an AOE stun for the ultimate Coldness Destroy.

What makes this skill OP is not just being a disabling skill but also a damage amplifying skill because frozen targets get more damage from the other skills of Aurora.

Frost Shock

Fires forward a Frost Energy Missile, when it hits the enemy it will detonate and deal 240/280/320/360/400/440 pts of radial Magic Damage and slow enemies down.

This is a skill-shot type ability. It is a projectile that does AOE damage when it hits an enemy or reached its max range. Very useful for poking. You can cast it and hit enemy heroes without them seeing you on their tiny mobile screen due to its long range. One caveat though, you cannot animation-cancel this skill which means you have to finish watching your projectile until it explode before you can able to do other actions such as move or cast another skill. Don’t cast it if you are trying to run away because it will just delay you and instead of slowing down your enemies, they will be able to catch up to you instead.

Bitter Frost

Deals 420/480/540/600/660/720 magic damage at specified target and causes target’s movement speed to drop 80%/80%/80%/80%/80%/80% for 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5s.

Single target skill. Slows and damage a single enemy hero. Stuns if passive is charged. Use this as an initiator for your single-hero combo. It has long cooldown though so better save it for the sure stun/freeze.

Slow rate and duration doesn’t change for each level of this skill so leveling up this skill first doesn’t really give an advantage.

Coldness Destroy

Summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target location, all enemy heroes hit will be slowed down and receive 800/1000/1200 pts of Magic Damage.

Surrounding enemies of the target location where the rock lands also will be slowed down and receive 400/500/600 pts of Magic Damage.

High damage, large AOE skill. It has delay on casting though so it can be easily dodged with Flicker or other dash abilities. That is why you have to use it in accompany with Bitter Frost. If enemy doesn’t have dash ability or Flicker spell, use Coldness Destroy->Bitter Frost in order even without Pride of Ice passive charge. The slow from Bitter Frost makes it impossible for them to escape Coldness Destroy AOE.

If enemy hero have Flicker spell or dash ability (such as Moskov’s 1st, Clint’s 2nd, etc.), make sure to have passive charged Bitter Frost then cast Coldness Destroy and proceed with the combo (Bitter Frost->Coldness Destroy->Frost Shock). This way, they won’t be able to escape and all of your skills will hit with amplified damage. Amplified damage Coldness Destroy is devastating.

Aurora Combo and Play style

Early game:

  • You can spam harass enemies with Frost Shock.
  • Play it safe, this hero is very much item dependent.

Mid game:

  • When you have both Bitter Frost and Frost Shock, after charging Pride of Ice passive, combo the enemy hero with Bitter Frost then cast Frost Shock for a sure hit with amplified damage.
  • When you get all your skills, after charging Pride of Ice passive, to eliminate a single enemy; use Bitter Frost->Coldness Destroy->Frost Shock.
  • This is the most optimal combo for single target delete, when frozen by Bitter Frost, enemies cannot dodge Coldness Destroy and will receive full and amplified damage. Since Frost Shock has animation delay that prevents you from moving, (can’t animation-cancel) it is recommended to cast it last.

When in team fight:

  • Position at the back line. Spam your skills when possible. Aurora’s abilities has fast cooldowns. Aurora is able to dish a lot of damage so don’t die first.
  • Don’t give it all on enemy tank if a clash is about to happen because chances are, you will not be able to instant delete the tank. Save your skills (passive and ult) for the team fight.
  • Cast ult with passive if you are certain that you can hit a couple of enemy heroes at once. AOE stun is very useful for team fights.
  • Do not cast passive-charged Frost Shock if there are minions that will block the projectile.

Aurora Build


  • Magic Assassin – No doubt, as a Mage, magic assassin is the way to go for Aurora. More magic penetration helps in dealing more magical damage.

Skill Build / Ability Sequence

  • Max out Frost Shock first. It has low cooldown and mana cost. Use it to clear lane or harass enemy heroes in lane.
  • Level up the ultimate skill Coldness Destroy when possible, of course.
  • You can also do a balanced level-up of Frost Shock and Bitter Frost.

Item Build

After testing Aurora for tons of ranked matches, this is the item build that I came up with:


Item Explanation

I use  as mana item, instead of using . You are not really always spamming skills because you gotta save the passive ready for unexpected possible use of a stun/freeze so you do not really need unlimited mana. The good thing with , is it also gives you HP and MP regeneration upon leveling up so its a good lane sustain item so you can spend more time in the lane for fast gold farming. This item also helps Aurora to be less squishy with the additional HP attribute. This should be the first item, at level 3 you must be able to have the item that will give you HP and MP regen on leveling up starting level 4.

For boots, use this  for magic penetration. I do not advise using other boots, even this  cooldown reduction boots because Aurora won’t really benefit on this. Please do not use this , I know Aurora does catwalk style walking but having more movement speed doesn’t give much benefit as well as you cannot animation cancel Frost Shock as I had said when escaping (orb-walk).

Your second core item should be this . After completing this item, you should be able to start 1-combo deleting enemy marksman and support heroes. With this item, you will be able to dish out a lot of damage from your skills.

Build  so enemies with magic resistance item won’t matter at all. This adds magic penetration for your abilities, as well as gives you magic resistance at the same time so you do not become too squishy against enemy magic assassins/mages.

The last two items are just situational. Normally on rank games, games will end without you even doing a full build.

Buy  for more magic pen, more damage.

Build  because it gives HP regen upon kills, and Spell Vamp so you can survive more in fights.

I have been seeing these items on other players’ build for Aurora. Don’t buy  on Aurora. The slow effect is just redundant. Also, Aurora doesn’t need  because she is not an attack dependent mage.

Situational Item Builds

You can build  if you think you need to be more tanky, usually you don’t have to be.

Build  if you are getting focused on during team fights with assassins.

Have fun using Aurora! She’s just 24,000 BP on the shop and is surely worth the price, well even if she’s 32,000 BP.

This guide is still a work in progress.

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